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Advance Web Traffic Analytics

Sure you need to measure sales and conversions, but you also need to dig deeper to fully understand how your website is performing, how the visitors are behaving on your site and devise longer term stratigies through it. It is equally, if not more important, to get regular & fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived and how you can make them coming back.

Our Advance Web Traffic Analytics includes deep analysis of traffic & their behaviour & focuses on important aspects like Content (Which content is generating more interest, etc.), Social (Which pages people are sharing most, etc.), Mobile (Measure how people are using your App, etc.) & Ads Campaigns.

Through our Ongoing Reporting & Analysis Service offerings, we can:
  • Augment or enhance your current digital measurement team
  • Assume responsibility for whatever level of regular reporting you require
  • Assume responsibility for the regular production of analysis and insights
  • Provide regular reporting to whichever lines or levels of business you require
  • Create new reports, improve existing reports, and help sunset reports that don’t work
  • Our most popular offering, and one that can be leveraged by nearly any size business, our Ongoing Reporting & Analysis service can help you profoundly transform your investment in measurement.

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