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Since 2009, we have been offering various web design, online branding, software solutions & MIS solutions to over 400+ clients, from diverse background. Being part of the B K group has provided us with the vision and culture, which imbibes customer orientation and wealth creation for all sections concerned.

Based out of the cultural capital of India, E-Intellisense is headed by a bunch of guys, who are ably supported by a Board of Advisors, which includes some of the most respected names in the Indian business community. Thus bringing to the fore, the right blend of youth, freshness & experience.



We at E-Intellisense are more interested in creating value for your business, than building our profile. At the same time, we assure complete ownership and dedication in every project we undertake. We firmly belive that in your success, lies our growth!

We strive to provide latest technology and solutions to our clients and in the process help create maximum value for all the concerned sections through the intervention of the human intelligence, emotions and ability of judgement!

For Our Clients, we understand your needs and requirements and use the most desirable technology to resolve your needs and thus realize the full potential of your initiatives!

For Our Employees / Colleagues, we understand your personal goals and vision and provide you with a unique, secured and transparent platform with an opportunity to align them with those of the organization and attain them, together!

For the Society at large, we understand that we have a responsibility of giving back to those who directly or indirectly contribute to achievement of our personal goals. Hence, we promise to contribute in which everway possible to those who need us the most, at the same time, leaving as little carbon & water foot print as possible!

In short, our vision & mission can be defined as per the CLASS concept:




Our Quality Process

We firmly believe that the quality principle cannot be put in a few words. Hence, with a vision to attain maximum value for our customers and all those concerned, we guide ourselves by the following:




Our clients are very happy with us, so why don’t you give us a try. There is no better way to judge us than to test us…